On the Way to the Circus

Okay, this one needs lots of explaining. First you have to read the top left panel:
"Mom we're going the wrong way!" (mom likes to scare us into thinking she has no idea how to get to the circus.) In the center panel you see Roug, a crazy dog, hiding in the bushes watching us. We have no idea he is there.
"Going to the circus, ay? Boy I've got to tell master about this!" Unfortunately for Roug, the bushes have thorns and prickles. Ha ha.
2 hours later, Roug makes it out of the bushes and to his master. Now this is the interesting part. Master is like a background monster hiding behind the three diagonal panels of the comic page. You can see his scary claws on his foot near the bottom of the page and his three beady eyes and frightening mouth in the top right hand side of the page.
Roug asks his master, "will you mutate a clown?"
"Well", replies master,"it will stop Whiskers, which will stop everyone else...so Yes!" you can imagine the evil laughter that follows.

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