A Day at The Circus

Here is the title page for my first adventure. It kind of needs a bit of an explanation. For instance, what you see is three cats with an airplane in the background and a city below them. This is me and my brother Dart and our friend, secret cat. He's very secret so you may not always see him. We are flying over a city.

Inner Cover: Or other books featuring Whiskers

Here is a list of my other adventures. There are 5 of them in the works, not including the current adventure. Also included is my creator's other works, a scary series featuring mummies and zombies and other such creatures. I might appear in them as well, we will have to see.

I feel I need to decipher my creator's writing. He is only 8 you know, and still needs to work on his spelling and his penmanship. So in simple English we have:

Whiskers Adventures
(Current) Day at the Circus #1
Night of the Living Piano #2
Bad Bear Day #3
Sky Divers #4
Honey I shrunk the Cat #5
Balloon Day #6

Eternal Halloween Series:
Tale of the Mummy #1
Introduce the Zombies #2
Ghostly Clock #3
Creature Coaster #4
Rusty Blade #5

The Adventure Begins....

Dart was sitting reading Jurassic Park when his mom called him to tell him they were going to the circus! Dart is very excited and exclaims "I'm coming!". Note how fast Dart moves. And how the dot on the "i" is falling off because he's running so fast. And his stripes. Sometimes his stripes fall of when he runs too fast too.

Trivia Facts

Throughout my comics you will find trivia fact pages. My creator urges you to use a pencil when answering the questions so that you can erase your mistakes. He is also creating a video game series - featuring me of course! So under the Trivia Fact questions you will see a glimpse of my Video World.

Whisker's World includes: Hornet City, Pyramid Fortress, Avalanche Mater, Volcanic Express, and Aqua Garden.

On the Way to the Circus

Okay, this one needs lots of explaining. First you have to read the top left panel:
"Mom we're going the wrong way!" (mom likes to scare us into thinking she has no idea how to get to the circus.) In the center panel you see Roug, a crazy dog, hiding in the bushes watching us. We have no idea he is there.
"Going to the circus, ay? Boy I've got to tell master about this!" Unfortunately for Roug, the bushes have thorns and prickles. Ha ha.
2 hours later, Roug makes it out of the bushes and to his master. Now this is the interesting part. Master is like a background monster hiding behind the three diagonal panels of the comic page. You can see his scary claws on his foot near the bottom of the page and his three beady eyes and frightening mouth in the top right hand side of the page.
Roug asks his master, "will you mutate a clown?"
"Well", replies master,"it will stop Whiskers, which will stop everyone else...so Yes!" you can imagine the evil laughter that follows.

We Arrive at the Circus

When Dart got to the circus, he discovered that I had hid in the trunk of the car. See how surprised he is to see me? Mom isn't. She's used to me doing things like that.
"I'll be at the boring mom zone now. You boys have fun" says mom.
I think we are in the boring mom zone every time we are with her! The first thing we see at the circus is a clown squeezing a water balloon. Oh my! It splooshed all over that crazy clown. If I had expected that to happen I'd be laughing.

The Big Tent and the Mutated Clown

First thing we did at the circus was check out the big tent. We were enjoying the show and planning on riding the ferris wheel after this. Then it happened. A giant mutated clown entered the arena! (you can see this in the bottom two panels). Then up to the top left panel you see that the giant mutated clown picked up me and Dart!
"Why does everything happen to us???" shouts Dart.

The Battle with the Mutated Clown

Dart and me were in pickle! The mutated clown threw us as hard as he could!
"Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" We screamed. Again, you can see Dart's stripes falling off him as he flies through the air.
"Crash!" We landed in some garbage cans. I had a fish bone on my head. "Does a fish bone bring bad luck?" I wondered.
Dart didn't care, "I got a burger!" Lucky cat.
But suddenly we look up and a huge rock is falling on us.
"I take that as a yes" (about the fish bone bringing bad luck). We run as fast as we can away from the falling rock.
"Wait a minute. Why am I running? I'm not scared of rocks!!" says Dart. Uh, Dart, you should be, did you see the size of that thing?
I spy the ferris wheel, next to the popcorn stand and the stink bomb booth. It gives me an idea.....

Crystals, Stink bombs and the Ferris Wheel

Dart is always hungry and wants to buy some popcorn. I remind him that we already had popcorn. What we need is stink bombs. Then a ride on the ferris wheel. But the ferris wheel attendant wants crystals for us to ride the ferris wheel. So we waste precious time gathering up 20 crystals to give him.

Defeating the Mutated Clown

We hand over the crystals to the attendant and he thinks he's rich. Whatever. Just let us on the ride! Once on the ferris wheel Dart and I throw the stink bombs at the mutated clown. It's a direct hit! Somehow I don't think that clown likes stink bombs!

The Circus is Over

It takes a few hits to defeat that mutated clown, but finally we did it. Rest in Peace you old clown!
Finally we are on our way home. Mom wonders if we had fun.
"Well....yah" It's always fun to defeat the bad guy!

See you on our next adventure!