Inner Cover: Or other books featuring Whiskers

Here is a list of my other adventures. There are 5 of them in the works, not including the current adventure. Also included is my creator's other works, a scary series featuring mummies and zombies and other such creatures. I might appear in them as well, we will have to see.

I feel I need to decipher my creator's writing. He is only 8 you know, and still needs to work on his spelling and his penmanship. So in simple English we have:

Whiskers Adventures
(Current) Day at the Circus #1
Night of the Living Piano #2
Bad Bear Day #3
Sky Divers #4
Honey I shrunk the Cat #5
Balloon Day #6

Eternal Halloween Series:
Tale of the Mummy #1
Introduce the Zombies #2
Ghostly Clock #3
Creature Coaster #4
Rusty Blade #5

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