The Battle with the Mutated Clown

Dart and me were in pickle! The mutated clown threw us as hard as he could!
"Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" We screamed. Again, you can see Dart's stripes falling off him as he flies through the air.
"Crash!" We landed in some garbage cans. I had a fish bone on my head. "Does a fish bone bring bad luck?" I wondered.
Dart didn't care, "I got a burger!" Lucky cat.
But suddenly we look up and a huge rock is falling on us.
"I take that as a yes" (about the fish bone bringing bad luck). We run as fast as we can away from the falling rock.
"Wait a minute. Why am I running? I'm not scared of rocks!!" says Dart. Uh, Dart, you should be, did you see the size of that thing?
I spy the ferris wheel, next to the popcorn stand and the stink bomb booth. It gives me an idea.....

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