something …………..

aahhh……day of the circus   my 8-year old world bad spelling poor quality but entertaining….for 10 minutes or 5 it had low pages and i am remaking this it will keep you going for hours and it’s gonna have a chapter part too! more of dart and whiskers exploring the circus and having more adventures more whiskers for every one! even a squirrel is involved in the series! what's his name?what's his personality what’s his favorite thing?just wait and find out……..

Don't kiss me!

It's been a while but I do have lots more Whiskers comics.....

Here is one I made a while back.
In the top panel, Whiskers is asleep in bed when he is woken up by his kissy-goo-goo sense! Someone is dreaming about him!! Whiskers stalks off next door where he sees his neighbor, dreaming about kissing him. Oh no! Not Even in your dreams!

Can't stand that kissy stuff.

Until next time....